Cactus and Succulent Sale


The Central Ohio Cactus and Succulent Society will be hosting 2015 spring show and sale on Saturday May 9th at the Franklin Park Conservatory in the Viridian room (the first classroom in the hallway past the Desert Biome)

    There will be a good selection of plants to choose from, including many unusual, and hard to find species, as well as some of the more familiar "standards". We offer plants of many sizes, from nice miniatures, suitable for creating your own dish garden, to larger plants, more suitable for larger pots and planters. We will also offer a few established dish gardens, featuring plants which are easy to grow, and adaptable to a wide variety of growing conditions. Other items may include cactus soil, pots, and decorative rocks. Members of the Society will be available to assist with sales, and to provide tips on how to grow these plants. All plants are in limited supply, so plan to come early for the best selection.

    Show plants will include some larger, established plants grown by members of the Society.


    While it is impossible to provide a complete listing of the plants offered, we will probably have plants from the following genera:


We will be offering a selection of established Hardy Prickly Pears (Opuntia), and a few gallon sized starts of hardy bamboo




Aloe (including Aloe vera)

Bowiea volubilis ("Climbing Onion")

Cactaceae: (the cactus family)




Hatoria ("Drunkard's Dream")




Opuntia ("Prickly Pear" - including several hardy species)



Cissus (succulent grapes)



Euphorbia (the succulent "Spurges")


Gasteria ("Bow Ties" and Cows' Tongues")



Haworthia (the "Pinwheel Plants")

Kalanchoe ("Mother of Thousands")






Stapelia ("Starfish Flower", "Carrion Flower")



Please note that our sale will coincide with the Conservatory's Retired" Orchid Sale in which the Conservatory sells off the spare orchid plants from their annual Orchids! display.A large selection of orchid varieties are available, including phalaenopsis, cymbidiums, epidendrums, oncidiums, miltonias, and more. Care sheets are available and horticulturists can assist with plant selection and questions on orchid care.


No admission charged. Prices $3$25 on orchids. Specialty plants priced as marked



Our sale also coincides with the opening of the Spring Flower Show

The Dorothy M. Davis Showhouse comes alive with blooms just in time for Easter. This preview of spring and summer features hundreds of blooming trees, shrubs, perennials, and bulbs. In April, rhododendrons, azaleas, and crabapples sparkle above masses of lilies and tulips. In May, dogwoods, lilacs and colorful perennials take center stage.

So we are expecting lots of activity - please join us for a special day of  events and sales.


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